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Lower mortgage rates than ever

The banks operating in Finland, Nordea and Good Lender Bank, have joined the new Nordic cooperation forum on cybercrime. Forum members are working to share more information with each other to facilitate the identification and defense of cyber risks. The purpose of the forum is to improve the security of customers and banks and to Read More

The Best Bank Accounts

    So we think we should review these new application-based bank accounts and see what they are about. This is what we found .. In short, there is no revolution here. Only banking done differently. Of course, brands are great, debit and credit cards look more attractive and you can manage your finances from Read More

Which mortgage should I take out

Which mortgage should I take out? It is a question that I can very well imagine, firstly there are many types of mortgage and secondly the information that is given is not always easy to compare. Let’s try to take a closer look at the most popular mortgage types, so that comparing them becomes a Read More

Should All Merchants Accept Credit Card?

In full expansion of mobile payments and, of course, at the height of credit and debit cards there is still a redoubt of business that is obstinate in closing its doors to transactions with plastic money. Therefore, we are forced to visit the cashiers beforehand to stock up on cash. But why do they do Read More

Do you want to apply for a loan online to buy a car? Watch out for these tips

Applying for a loan online to buy a car is something that many consider because they lack the need liquidity to pay it in cash. But where to get it? What are the options? In our loan comparator we have put ourselves to the task and we have analyzed the different options to get the Read More